New membership welcome information:

  • Payment reminder, due on the 1st- Check your preferred payment form to remember how you will pay. You checked for either: 1. ACH (monthly auto payments from your checking), 2. Pay by check- add $7 to the monthly rent (make sure you are making the check out correctly (850- Brooklyn Art Space LLC, and 62 18th St- Trestle Studios LLC). Put checks in the mail in time to arrive at the 850 3rd Ave, Ste 411 location by the first of the month. 3. Credit card recurring- add 3% fee to the monthly rent, 4. Cash- drop off in the blue box outside the office at 850 3rd Ave, Ste 411 by the 1st of the month.

  • Complete paperwork please- Be sure the office has your signed contract, preferred payment form, and emergency contact

  • Codes/passwords- 850 3rd Ave- main door: 0326, Wifi: TAS PW: brooklyn; 62 18th St- outside door: #8642, inner doors: 3579, Wifi network: trestle PW: greenwood

  • PLEASE Sign up for our newsletter-

  • Add your information to the member registry-

  • Check your information on the member registry (after you add it)-

  • Member wall photo- Get a staff person to take a polaroid photo of you for the member wall

  • Key information- If you have a studio with a locking door, then you will receive a key that must be returned at check out.

  • Using freight elevators- If needed, please schedule a time to get instructions:

End of membership information upon notice received:

Although we will miss you, we understand when  it’s time to end your membership. Here’s what you need to do to complete the check out process.

  1. Since we ask for 30 days notice in writing by the first, If you have given notice BEFORE the 1st of the month, we will be able to apply your last month to the final month of membership. Remember, as stated in your contract, failure to give the agreed upon notice results in a forfeit of the damage deposit.

  2. Remove all your items from your studio and from the building. You may not leave things “for free” in the halls or garbage areas.

  3. Provided there is no damage, and you have followed the contract, your deposit will be processed within two weeks after the end of the 30 day notice. Your damage deposit will be refunded in full if the studio is left in the same or better condition than you got it. If it is required to be clean/patch/paint etc. Trestle will pay someone $20 per hour to fix the studio and deduct it from your damage deposit. Complete the document studio form for us to process damage deposit.

Please note, Trestle does NOT provide supplies for patching and painting your studio walls. Please plan ahead and be sure to get the right paint for your studio so this can be completed by the last day of your last month.
• Here is a link to the type of paint you will need:
• You will also need: a putty knife, spackle, and paint brush. For larger areas you will also need a drop cloth, roller, and tray.
• Here is a link to a tutorial on how to patch and paint damaged walls:

A special note for Residency and Critical Feedback Participants:

Please let us know your intentions regarding your studio membership 30 days before the end of the term of whichever program you are in.

  1. You may elect to default to a regular membership, as long as you’ve been in good standing.

  2. You may elect to extend your dates for one additional session provided you are in good standing (this means attending/participating in meetings, etc)

  3. Early termination of the Residency before the end of the 6-month Residency Period means the Resident understands and agrees that they are thereby forfeiting their Last Month and their Damage Deposit.