Rules, Regulations and Guidelines for TAS Members:


1. Respect the privacy and personal space.

No unsolicited critiques.

No unsolicited critiques.

Use headphones to listen to music.

Use headphones to listen to music.

No spray paint, airborn materials, toxic oders, in the studio.

No spray paint, airborn materials, toxic oders, in the studio.

No smoking anywhere in the building.

No smoking anywhere in the building.


2. Clean up after yourself.

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Open Studio Members: Please put your artwork in your drying rack and supplies in your locker.

Private Studio Members: All belongings must be stored in personal designated space.

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Put easels, tables, and taborets back where you found them.

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Leave the space the way you would like someone else to leave it for you. No one likes mystery oil paint on his or her clothes or artwork.


3. If you did not bring it, do not use it. This applies to materials, tools, supplies and food. Use only what is yours, no matter how convenient.

4. Cell phone use is allowed in the kitchen and halls, not in the open studio.

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Trestle has open ceilings, keep in mind that voices and conversations may be heard by other members.


5. 60 Minute Rule: You may leave an area set up for up to one hour, as long as you leave a note.

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Please be mindful of others who may need work space. 

6. Do not pour turpentine or other chemicals down the drain. You are responsible for disposing of all hazardous materials properly.

7. No sleeping overnight.

8. Studios are not to be used as storage facilities.  If it appears that the studio is being used primarily as storage, membership will be terminated. 

9. Before 11AM or after 6PM (office hours), close all studio and gallery doors behind you. 

10. No pets, with the exception of service animals, are allowed in the studio or gallery.

11. Semi-private members are required to use their studio space five hours per week to maintain membership status.

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